HOW FAR CAN YOU FLY is the title of the opening track of his last album.

Luca Flores (1956-1995) used to say “I love musicians who sing, write and play every note as it was the last“, and this track was HIS last indeed: ten days after the recording Luca committed suicide.
His brief life was marked by the tragic death of his mother in a car accident (he was eight years old), and this event was the probable cause of his mental illness.
He has been acknowleged as one of the best jazz piano player of his generation, at the same level as Bill Evans, Bud Powell, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, and he played with Chet Baker and Dave Holland.

With jazz musicians could be difficult to define “the debut”: his first appearance in a record can be found in the very good 1984 Streams by the Tiziana Ghiglioni Sextet (buy it HERE), but his debut album is Sharp Blues (1986), even if credited to his band Matt jazz Quintet (buy it HERE).
Walter Veltroni‘s book Il disco del mondo (buy it HERE, but no english version, sorry) it’s a wonderfully-written and moving portrait of Luca Flores, and from this book it’s the as much good movie Piano, solo, with a great Kim Rossi Stuart as Luca (buy it HERE, with english subtitles).

How far can you fly is included in his 1995 last album For those I never knew (buy it HERE).

DEBUTOLOGY SCORE: 9/10 (to whole career)