skids debut album

In the words of U2 The Edge, “one of the best debut albums ever”, Scared to Dance it’s the perfect post-punk album,and  if you listen to it now you’ll understand why Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys namechecked The Skids (from Dunfermline, Scotland) so many times as one of their main inspirations.

Stuart Adamson was one the best guitarists of his generation, and through his successfull career  with Big Country will become an international rock star.

Unfortunately he will commit suicide in 2001, joining the same tragic club  of  many other post-punk icons like  Ian Curtis (Joy Division), Adrian Borland (The Sound) and Billy MacKenzie (Associates)… stay tuned because we’ll honour their debut works in the near future.


If you’re into vinyl, you can easily find a cheap copy on ebay and Discogs… .but if you’re already the owner of one of the few blue vinyl copies (20?) pressed by Virgin before withdrawal, you’re a very very lucky guy….

Otherwise, the best CD copy is the Captain OI! 2005 version, including their debut single Charles as Bonus Track.


Scared to Dance


Scared to Dance

if you’re interested in Stuart Adamson life, don’t lose: